Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The Hunger Games: what the movie missed about the book.  From EW.

On the other hand...Hunger Games movie is faithful to the book's dystopian vision.  From SLJ.

Matt de la Pena's Mexican Whiteboy has been banned at an Arizona high school for "critical race theory." From The New York Times.

A Massachusetts library finds a creative way to ask for funds.  From the Huffington Post.

Stephen Colbert vents his frustration over The Lorax product tie-ins.  From Gwaker.

Death by media: The Hunger Games and teen authenticity.  From SLJ.

Have you been following the Battle of the Kids Books?  I'm already sad about some that got eliminated.

Boys are closing the reading gap.  From The Guardian. 

Encyclopedia Britannica will no longer be available in print.  I know some people are really upset about this, but it totally makes sense.  From The New York Times.

Interview with Suzanne Collins.  From SLJ.

The 10 best authors of children's literature.  Debatable.  From Flavorwire.

A full time school librarian is linked to higher reading scores.  From SLJ.

It's a wardrobe into Narnia!

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