Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Read Across America Day

Happy Read Across America day!  This year Read Across America is brought to you by The Lorax....and Mazda.  Does anyone else find it really weird that the Lorax is trying to sell you a large SUV (and how many Truffula trees had to be chopped down to put that road in)? If the Lorax was going to partner with anything commercial, you'd think it would be an environmentally friendly product.  I laughed at loud when the Lorax tried to sell me a breakfast at iHop the other day.  It was just so ridiculous.  And then it made me sad.  The Lorax of my childhood would never have done such a thing.  
It's very nice that Mazda has pledged $1 million to school libraries.  I wish it wasn't through having people test their cars though.  "For each test drive of a Mazda vehicle between Feb. 21 and April 2, Mazda will donate $25 toward public school libraries nationwide, up to $1 million ("   Sure, Mazda isn't going to do something for nothing (although it would be nice) but this just feels strange to me.  Thoughts?

It just makes me crazy when books and education get commercialized like this.  Stupid commercialization.  Just read a book. Whatever book you want.  I believe you can find a book that you'd like, even if it doesn't involve movie characters, famous people, cars or ice cream.

So let's read kids!  Also test drive cars.  Because those two things go together.  Like environmentalism and iHop.

P.S. The Lorax movies looks AWFUL.

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