Sunday, January 1, 2012

Underwire by Jennifer Hayden

Jennifer Hayden is a member of the webcomic collective act-i-vate where she publishes her autobiographical comic Underwire.  Underwire is a collection of the webcomics. 

Jennifer is in her forties, married, with two children.  Her comics tells stories of moments with her daughter, a dream she had about her husband, laughing and saying bitchy things about other people with her girl friends, and other little moments from her life.

Each comic is about 18 to 20 square boxes, drawn simply in black and white.  While I didn't love the style the comic is drawn in, I loved seeing these small moments from Jennifer's life.   She is able to say a lot in very few words, and even without her illustrations being especially detailed.  A strong feeling comes across in every story she tells.

Jennifer is very truthful.  She is not afraid to show that she's far from perfect, that her husband sometimes pisses her off, and that her kids both drive her crazy and amaze her.  I feel kind of bad for her family, that they are exposed in this way, but maybe having a mom like Jennifer has prepared them.  In any case, I very much enjoyed reading her stories.

Jennifer is currently working on a graphic novel, The Story of My Tits, that tells the story of her breast cancer diagnose.  It will be coming out in 2012.

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