Tuesday, January 3, 2012


 I am super excited about the release of Womanthology, and therefore feel the need to share my excitement with everyone.

From the Womanthology blog:

Womanthology is an anthology graphic novel created entirely by women for Charity. The purpose of the book is to showcase the works of female creators of every age and experience levels.

The Graphic Novel will majorly consist of many short stories interpreting our theme for this volume; "Heroic". We'll also have interviews and how-to's with some of the industry's top female pros, as well as talks with young girls who someday want a career in comics.

How awesome is that?  So cool!  So exciting!  The release date is set for February 21, 2012, so it isn't terribly far away.  All the money for publishing was raised through Kickstarter, and they far exceeded their goal.  I think that shows how many people out there are yearning for more women in comics, don't you think?  Unfortunately for me, I didn't hear about this until after the fundraising was over, so I can't say I back it.  I wish I could.

Womanthology is all over.  They have a blog, Tumblr, Twitter, so you can stay updated as the publishing date approaches, and at this point some of the first pages are starting to be available.  A list of contributors is available on the blog.

You can check out some interviews with editor Renae De Liz.

And since we're feeling the fabulous love of female comic creators, let's take a look at 13 fantastic female comics creators of 2011 from Jezebel.

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