Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Jack Gantos, author of the Rotten Ralph series and now winner of the Newbery award for Dead End in Norvelt stops by Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! to play What's My Job.  We learn that Jack Gantos is the only Newbery winner to ever serve 18 months in federal jail on drug smuggling charges.

In other Children's Youth Award news, none of the morning shows would interview the winners.  From PW.

Since we're not going to hear it on TV,  let's find out where the award winners were when they found out they'd won.  From PW

Daniel Handler, author of A Series of Unfortunate Events and Why We Broke Up gives relationship advice on Twitter.  Hilarity ensues.  From The Huffington Post.

Authors in the UK protests changes in copyright laws.  From The Guardian.

YALSA's great graphic novels of 2012 list is out as well as the 2012 best fiction for young adults.

Things got a bit nasty at ALA midwinter.  I totally agree that this is an issue.  Things can get a bit scary some times.  Remember how I was almost crushed to death against a book table at the annual conference last summer?  Messed up.  People need to calm down.  From Biblio File.

How Dr. Seuss got his start "on Mulberry Street."  From NPR.

This map of Panem is AWESOME!  I would be living in District 13.  It was made by aimmyarrowshigh and badguys.   
Read how they did it. 

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