Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ruse: Enter the Detective by Mark Waid, et.al.

Simon Archard is Partington's premier detective, with a photographic memory, extremely focused mind, and cold personality he is able to solve any mystery. Emma Bishop is his linguistically and more socially adept assistant. What starts off as an investigation into drug trafficking, is evolving into a complicated case where the supernatural is involved.

Straight off the bat I would like to proclaim that Ruse is one of the most visually stunning graphic novels I've ever read. It was beautiful, the details and colors were startling. The characters were fantastic and have more to them than they first appear. The obvious comparison of Archard to Holmes is a bit overdone, but the similarities are there. I actually find it close to the character that Benedict Cumberbatch plays in the BBC miniseries Sherlock. Except for when Archard seems to let his cold facade slip and show he cares for Emma (not sexy emotions, or at least not at this point) or that he feels great emotions for his last partner Lightbourne.

So great story, great characters, great artwork; here's my one niggle about the whole thing. I guess this is supposed to take place in the Crossgen Universe which I have never read, and there's a possibility that Archard is a sigil bearer meaning that he is a protector of good. Emma is supposed to be his sigil guide - I'm not 100% sure of the titles here so correct me if I'm wrong - and therefore has magical powers to aide her. I found the whole fantasy aspect a bit unnecessary. This would have been a great historical mystery without the added fantastical elements. I get why it was done, and it wasn't bad, just seemed a bit over the top.

Unfortunately only two volumes of Ruse were published, there were three more volumes to follow but never got published. Fortunately it seems that the series has been revived with a few tweaks here and there. As in no more magic. Yay!


  1. "Ruse" is certainly worth a read. My advice is that you keep the second volume close at hand, because you won't want to wait before reading it.

  2. This volume is a compilation of the first six issues of a comic from the highly-regarded Waid, who has done a ton of stuff for Marvel.

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