Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wet Moon book 1: Feeble Wanderings by Ross Campbell

Cleo is beginning college and dealing with her two new roommates, who she's convinced hate her.  Cleo and her friends deal with the daily angst or love and friendship, as someone begins spreading rumors about Cleo.

I had the same reaction to Feeble Wanderings that I had to the other graphic novel by Ross Campbell I read.  Hardly anything actually happens, and I dislike every single character.  I can't care about a story if I don't care about what happens to at least one of the characters.  And just like in Water Baby, everyone is Feeble Wanderings was unpleasant, sulky, or mean, and I just don't care what happens to these people.

I know some people are into comics and graphic novels like this.  The ones were nothing much happens, and it's lots of people complaining about the futility of life, or whatever.  I do not.  So this was not for me.

I was also bothered that I couldn't figure out what kind of world I was in.  Was it supposed to be the real world?  And alternate world?  It seems like everyone in this town dresses punk or goth.  Is that just the college community Cleo is in, or is it the world she's in?  It was unclear.

Something I do give Campbell credit for is that he's never afraid to show what people really look like, especially during their most private moments.  When someone is starting at themselves in the mirror trying to decide if they're fat.  When they pick their nose when they're alone.  There is kind of a gritty ugliness to the way he draws people.  Like it's almost too real.

I do not like the way any female character is drawn with huge, shinny lips though.  I find that annoying.

It was not for me, but it might be up an angsty teenager's ally.

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