Monday, January 7, 2013


Do we still need libraries?  In a word, yes.  From Phillips Academy.

A lesson in illustrating wheelchairs from someone who uses one.  From The Mary Sue.

Young adult fiction in 2012.  From Barnes & Noble Review.

Six important things you won't believe were invented in comics.  From

Guess what?  Being a librarian is one of the least stressful jobs there is!  You know, because we sit around and read all day in the quiet.  From CareerCast.

Rachel Hartmas, author of Seraphina (so awesome) talks about the bumps she hit on the road to publication.  From PW.

I was just having this conversation with a friend the other day. When is it OK for a kid to read a book with more serious themes?  From The New York Times.

An illustrated tribute to Maurice Sendak.  From The New York Times.

There is now a Harry Potter shop at King's Cross Station!  Guess where it's located?  From The Guardian.

Nooooo!  Neil Gaiman plans his last book signing tour ever.  From The Los Angeles Times.

Predicted trends for 2013.  From Scholastic.

Umm, where do they get off making comparisons to Judy Blume's Forever?  These books' whole point seem to be to titillate.  That was not the point of Forever.  At all.  The sex scene in Forever is unique in the fact that is was brutally honest and that it was not titillating at all.  From The Independent.

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