Friday, January 25, 2013


According to a Pew study, most people don't know what libraries have to offer.  From infoDocket.

Oh Lord, I'm so depressed now.  Libraries dying slow death, Delta councillor suggests.  From the now. could always go this route: library turns to pole dancing to entice new readers.  From The Guardian.

Not a lack of Latino lit, but a lack of awareness.  From SLJ.

10 most anticipated book adaptations of 2013.  From PW.

Such a nice story.  An American Girl doll has gone on many adventures after being lent out from the New York Public Library.  From The New York Times.

A 6th grader from Flint, Michigan is going to have his book published.  From mLive.

Conspiracy theories about classic literary characters.  From Flavorwire.

How sad am I that I couldn't be a John Green's Even of Awesome?  So sad.  From PW.

Sarah Dessen tells the truth about high school.  From

A German publisher is being criticized for removing controversial language from a classic children's book.  From Spiegel Online International.

A conversation with the always awesome Gail Carriger.  From PW.

Built of books.  From designboom.

Why was I not informed?  10 literary board games for book nerds.  From Flavorwire.

Gary Busey would like to tell you about Hobbits.

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