Friday, October 26, 2012


A majority of young readers still use libraries.  Yay!  From PW.

Lemony Snicket by the numbers.  From USA Today.

An open letter to the Dean of Sweet Valley University.  From BookRiot.

Author of The Evolution of Calpurina Tate Jacqueline Kelly  writes a squeal to The Wind in the Willows.  From The New York Times.

Oh Lord, I don't even want to think about there being a continuation of Twilight!  From The Guardian.

Did you read that story about the Norwegian lady whose Amazon account got permanently shut down and with no reasonable explanation?  It's suddenly back!  From TelaReads.

Bullying and books.  From PW.

The Book Thief gets adapted for the stage.  The New York Times.

Doubts remain about Kindle adaption in schools.  From The Digital Shift.

Is it time to let go of Holden Caulfield?  The Atlantic Wire.

Andrew Smith talks about his follow-up book to The Marbury Lens.  Have you read The Marbury Lens?  You should, just prepare to be incredibly disturbed.  From PW.

360 degree cut-out book tells a 3-D story.  From Visual News.

Laurie Halse Anderson on why Speak is still so relevant more than ten years later.  From The Atlantic Wire.

The medical problems of four famous authors.  From PW.

Daniel Handler talks about Lemony Snicket


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