Sunday, October 21, 2012

Freedom! by Frank Le Gall, art by Flore Balthazar and Robin Doo

Miss Annie may just be a kitten, but she's more than ready to explore the world outside her house, no matter what her owners say!  Miss Annie discovers an open window and seeks out adventure.

Originally published in France, Miss Annie has now come to America.  The first (very short) volume is split into three stories.  First we are introduced to Miss Annie, a kitten with big plans, and her owners, The Dad, The Mom, and Sarah.  Miss Annie makes lots of fun observations about her family, while protecting the house from various pens and plants.

Next Miss Annie befriends a mouse, whose name she decides is Keshia, since that's what Sarah calls her best friend, so that's what best friends must be called.

Then Miss Annie makes her dash to freedom when a window is left open.  She meets some streetwise cats who give her lots of advice, not all of which Miss Annie takes.

It was a very cute book, great for elementary kids.  There isn't a whole lot of depth to it, it's pretty straight forward, but it was certainly fun and Miss Annie gets into mischief and has adventures.

The art is drawn from Miss Annie's point of view, so we never see the faces of The Mom or The Dad or Sarah.  They just feet and petting hands to Miss Annie, so that's the only perspective there is.  Miss Annie is very expressive with her big eyes.  The panel layout is consistent throughout, two panels across, four down, all the way through.

There is another volume of Miss Annie stories, Rooftop Cat, where perhaps we find out what happens to the friendship between Miss Annie and her mouse friend.  The outdoor cats were very skeptical.

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