Friday, October 5, 2012


Happy end of Banned Books Week!  I hope you celebrated by reading whatever you wanted.  Lauren Myracle got to be at the top of the top ten most frequently challenged books for 2011.  In an interview with SLJ she talks about what that means.

How The Princess Bride Became the Quintessential Teen Read.  It is also my favorite book.  Tied with The Phantom Tollbooth. From The Atlantic Wire.

How A Wrinkle in Time was made into a graphic novel.  From PW.

So, that movie of The Giver...will it ever happen?  From EW.

And speaking of Lois Lowry...The Children’s Author Who Actually Listens to Children.  From The New York Times.

Writing for teens vs adults - looking at J.K. Rowling. From The Daily Beast.

Are Dewey’s Days Numbered?: Libraries Nationwide Are Ditching the Old Classification System. From SLJ.

I hope everyone is gearing up for Star Wars Reads Day, which is tomorrow, October 6.  From PW.

If you're not, this should help: together at last, Star Wars and Dr. Seuss.  From Mashable.

A group of authors in the UK is warning publishers about the decline of nonfiction.  From The Guardian.

Beginning-reader series means a new path for Kevin Henke.  From Courier Press

Maggie Stiefvater on The Raven Boys.  From The Daily Beast.

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