Thursday, September 20, 2012


9 unfinished novel by great writers.  From PW.

A new Hobbit trailer!  Totally don't think it's necessary for it to be two movies, but I'm so excited!

Where did the children of Chicago go?  To the library, of course.  From SLJ.

20 favorite author's adorable school pictures.  From Flavorwire.

So...there's a trend to call books aimed at 14-35 year-olds (that's quite a range) "new adult."  I think that is silly.  From The Guardian.

Rae Carson talks about The Crown of Embers (which I loved).  From EW.

Roald Dahl's early life in pictures.  From The Guardian.

Twisted new covers for old books.  From Laughing Squid.

Hunger Games for Math Nerds.


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