Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel by Nikki Grimes

Dyamonde Daniel is one smart cookie, just ask her! She's a sassy girl who loves math and isn't afraid to stand up for herself or others. But when Free, the other new kid at school, starts making trouble and scaring other students with his attitude, Dyamonde decides it's time introduce herself.

I really enjoyed this book. Nikki Grimes has created a very unique and real voice. Dyamonde has real worries and stresses, but her attitude toward how to solve them and how she approaches life is refreshing. She doesn't whine about or mope, she takes it all in stride and continues to forge ahead. Her life is something that anyone could relate to, and the theme of viewing life through math is adorable.

Dyamonde's efforts to get to know Free and understand where his attitude comes from is rather delightful. Free's father lost his job, and now his family has had to move into a small apartment with his grandparents to make ends meet. As a school librarian, this is something that happens frequently; and Free's surly response to this is one that I see often.

Dyamonde's straightforward perspective on life and the themes of friendship and change are fantastic. I am excited to book-talk this with my students. I read the book in about fifteen minutes, and it seems rather perfect for anyone around the age of nine.

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