Wednesday, September 12, 2012


These library posters from the 60s are amazing.  And still totally relevant.  Hmmm.  From Brain Pickings.

Children succeed with character, not test scores.  From NPR.

Is YA the new chick lit?  From BuzzFeed.

OMG!  This is totally unexpected!  Mockingjay is going to be split into two movies!  Who could have seen it coming?  From EW.

New things from Hope Larson!  From The Beat.

UK children's laureate on library tour to protest library closures.  From SLJ.

Who will create the new normal?  Changing the culture of books covers.  From CBC Diversity.

I loved this book!  Sourcebook gives Linnea in Monet's Garden a new life.  From PW.

In defense of the Catwoman cover.  I am unclear what is exactly "creative" about either the old or new cover.  It seems like a fairly typical tits and ass pose.  Also, regardless of how "aware" an artist might be in his art, I don't think that gives you a free pass to go ahead with it.  From The Beat.

Proof that principals value librarians.  From SLJ.

Why Reading Rainbow was canceled.  From GalleyCat.

Update on Judy Blume and her fight against breast cancer.  From NY Daily News.

New YA books that adults will love.  From The Atlantic Wire.

Telling info graphic on children's books.  From The Digital Reader.

Make some delicious looking food inspired by children's and YA books.  From The Huffington Post.

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