Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Think you know Harry Potter?  Try this Lit Slit quiz and find out.  I only got one wrong, which makes me a Hogwarts professor.  I am awesome.  From Mental_Floss.

YA authors narrate David Levithan's Every Day.  From EW.

Shannon Hale on how boys should be encouraged to read books about girls.  From The Salt Lake Tribune.

Partick Ness on censorship in the Internet age.  From The Guardian.

The legacy of the Baby-Sister's Club!  From The Atlantic Wire.

Whoa.  The Hunger Games has beat Harry Potter as the top seller on Amazon.  From The New York Times.

How do we feel about the casting of Finnick?  I have no idea who this Sam Claflin is.  From E.

Kind of want this shirt.  From Mental_Floss.

I understand that there are issues with Fifty Shades of Grey, but can we not burn books please?  From the LA Times.

I wish there was more of an actual pattern for this, because I MUST HAVE THIS WONDER WOMAN SWEATER!  From Fashionably Geek.

And finally, John Green tells us why it's awesome that school is starting.  Preach it, John Green.


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