Friday, August 3, 2012


Catching up with Jack Gantos.  From the New York Times.

Um, this is amazing.  JK Rowling plans 40ft high adventure treehouse for children in her backyard.   From Mail Online.

Interesting article about the "timelessness" of children's books.  From The Guardian.

23 terrifying movie adaptations of children's books.  From

Oh thank goodness!  Twilight Saga reboot denied by Lionsgate.  From The Guardian.

Remembering Sally Ride.  From PW.

Was Harry Potter a socialist?  Like we needed to give people another reason to ban Harry Potter.  From The Huffington Post.

Have I mentioned how much I love Neil Gaiman?  I love him.  Here's the transcript of 7 year-old Neil Gaiman being interviewed by the BBC about Scientology.  I think he kind of looked like Michael Phelps as a teenager. From The Village Voice.

Why don't Dr. Seuss books make good movies?  Duh.  Because the movie people won't leave them alone.  From The Guardian.

Also from The Guardian, The Hunger Games made archery cool.

7 video games that would make great books.  From PW.

Time out.  James Joyce wrote a children's book?  Does it have any punctuation?  From Yellow Brick Reads.

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