Thursday, May 5, 2011

Castle Waiting, Volume II by Linda Medley

The long awaited follow-up to Castle Waiting continues the stories of the interesting cast of characters who have found a home at Castle Waiting, a safe haven for whoever needs it. 

In the first volume, we got pretty much the full story of Sister Peace, and a little bit about Jain and a few others.  In the second volume, the story of Jain continues.  We see her as she grows and her relationship with Tylo, who is one day to become her husband.  I found this very interesting to follow.  We know from the first book that Jain has a child from a man who is not her husband, and that she ran away so her husband wouldn't kill her.  Tylo doesn't seem like a violent man.  He isn't very smart.  He's awkward and crude, but nice enough.  I'm interested to see what happens later on.  I hope it isn't years before volume III comes out!

We also start to get more of the story of Heinrich.  In the current time, two dwarfs come to call at Castle Waiting, and we learn that they are Heinrich's foster family and he grew up with them.  A little more is revealed about Heinrich and what happened to his son, whose death broke his heart.  Some of the back-story of the peculiar Doctor and of Simple Simon is also beginning to unfold.

While we get these stories, life of course goes on at the castle.  Jain is moving to different quarters, and the dwarfs help the castle inhabitants make things ready by exploring some secret passageways, which unbeknownst to them seem to be haunted.

I enjoyed this just as much as the first one.  Learning more about the characters only makes me want another volume to come out REALLY REALLY soon so that the stories can continue!

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