Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A little late, but you'll be ready for next year! I think this is a great idea. All Hallows Read. Idea originally from the the ever fabulous Neil Gaiman.

Oh hurrah! Teens haven't shelved reading for pleasure! And you were so worried! From The Washington Post.

I have discovered a place I can go to covet other peoples' bookshelves. Amazing, fabulous bookshelves. Why doesn't my apartment look like this? Clearly I need more bookshelves. Also books.

Awesome. Prize is created for gay literature for young readers. From The New York Times.


  1. "All Hallows Read." A fantastic idea. If you're making a list, I propose Ray Bradbury's "Halloween Tree."

  2. I also love that one, I have to admit that I'm pushing it on my students because of my own biased opinion.


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