Wednesday, November 10, 2010

9 most subversive children's books as told by Laura Coffey

Now I'm all for stirring up the children and raising a little hell. With all the standardization that kids go through they need a little push to think for themselves. Bring on the revolution! But I will say that this movement will generally not happen when adults are judging what literature is going to be 'subversive' for kids of the 21st century. Laura Coffey has written a short article for the Today Show about the nine most subversive children's books. And let me just say, snore. Yes they are classics, and I feel like they do have great messages, but I generally don't think many kids are going to get the socialist leanings of Yertle the Turtle or why Madeline's Rescue is a call for children to defy their elders. I personally only got the greater meaning behind the stories when I was much older. Not necessarily something I would expect a three to five year old to pick up on. But what do I know? I just have my masters in library science, and Ms. Coffey has written budgeting articles for MSNBC.

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