Thursday, March 27, 2014


An interview with YA Renaissance woman Cecil Castellucci.  From Salon.

Neil Gaiman on why scary stories appeal to us.  From Brain Pickings. 

How closely will The Fault in Our Stars film follow the book?  From Bookish.

Why dystopia speaks to us.  From Book Riot.

A crash course on Common Core.  From NPR.

It's almost time for the final book in the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series!  So excited!  From PW.

Nebraska has a 16 year-old library board president.  From SLJ.

The Independent will no longer review anything marketed to exclude a specific gender.

Are LGBTQ books finding a crossover audience?  From Bustle.

Divergent news:

Early reviews of Divergent From The Wrap.

Divergent breaks YA curse.  From The Hollywood Reporter.

Divergent adapters walk a delicate balancing act.  From The New York Times.

The Divergent challenge.  From The Wall Street Journal.

Which Divergent faction do you belong to?  From BuzzFeed.

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