Monday, March 24, 2014


Have you seen The Giver movie trailer yet?  In case you haven't, here it is.  Lots of buzz going on about it.  Thoughts?  From Slate.

Media specialists and the Common Core.  From Edutopia. 

The ABCs of information literacy.  From Book Patrol.

Campaign to end gender-specific children's books.  From The Guardian.

This DreamWorks movie is based on The True Meaning of Smekday.  I hope it's good!  From BuzzFeed.

The ten states that (really) pay teachers the most.  From

Where are the people of color in children's books?  From The New York Times.

What exactly is a middle grade book?  From SA Larsen.

Ever wondered which Dewey Decimal category you are?  No?  Find out anyway!  From EasyBib.

The most engaged library users are also the biggest tech users.  From PBS.

How many of these books have you read?  I've read 56.  Take that, BBC!  From List Challenges.

Are ebooks pricing people out of reading?  From Wired.

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