Monday, January 13, 2014


SLJ's Battle of the Kid's Books starts on January 15.

Vampire Academy will be released in theaters this February.  How do you think a vampire movie is going to do long after the vampire craze is over?  From PW.

Creepy Brother Grimm photography project.  From The Huffington Post.

The must-have kidlit manicures of 2014.  Also eye makeup.  Want.  From marjorieingall & Envionmental grafitti.

The definitive ranking of all 131 Baby-Sitter's club cover outfits.  Finally.  From BuzzFeed.

Tablets - what's ahead in 2014.  From The Digital Shift.

So librarians are back in secondary schools in Washington State's Bellevue School District!  Yay!  Only we can't call them "librarians."  They're "research technology specialists."  No one needs a librarian, but a research technology specialist is a whole different story.  From SLJ.

But in other places, school libraries are actually expanding!  So that's nice.  From SLJ.

So Shi LaBeouf is plagiarising from, like, everyone.  But in particular cartoonist Dan Clowes.  From PW.

Veronica Roth on sex in teen fiction.  From The Independent.

North Caroline school board retains The Color Purple...for now.  From SLJ.

Children's authors read reviews of their own works.  From Noblemania.

A review from The New Yorker on Saving Mr. Banks. They did not love.

A student argues against the Common Core.  From The Huffington Post.

YALSA envisions the future of libraries and teens.  From SLJ.

The top ten library stories of 2013.  From PW.

What it takes to serve on the Newbery, Caldecott committees.  From SLJ.

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