Thursday, January 2, 2014


In memoriam 2013.   We remember the authors and illustrated who died in 2013. From SLJ.

An agent's perspective on trends in YA books.  From PW.

Changing characters in books to female until the children's publishing industry catches up.  Thoughts?  From Slate.

Why are YA books divided up into genre in bookstores?  From Bustle.

Page to screen: a year's worth of adaptations.  From SLJ.

Nostalgia drives Polish children's book boom.  From Publishing Perspectives.

Inside stories about memorable books.  From PW.

The Fault in Our Stars movie tagline, too glib?  From Entertainment Weekly.

Why kids think reading sucks.  From SLJ.

PW's Best Children's Books of 2013. 

Seeking  wonderful young adult novels that deal with race.  From NPR.
Can problematic vintage texts still be valuable for kids?  From Tablet.

Colorado school librarians hopefully and wary after education tax bill defeat.  From SLJ.

What your favorite children's book series says about you.  What if you were into a bunch of those series?  From The Huffington Post.

Reading a novel changes the brain.  From SLJ.

10 beloved book series we still get nostalgic about.  From BuzzFeed.

So you want to be a librarian?  Why don't school librarians get a number!  From Book Patrol.

Kate DiCamillo is the new National Ambassador for Young People's Literature.  From SLJ.

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