Thursday, December 19, 2013


Feel all the feelings as you behold The Fault in Our Stars movie poster.  From BuzzFeed.

Eight annual PW Comics World Critics pick the year's topic comics.

Libraries are the frontline in the war for imagination.  From The Guardian.

Ann M. Martin talks about The Baby-Sitter's Club.  From Her Agenda.

Is middle grade fiction  really an adult reading trend?  From PW.

An animated film based on The Diary of Ann Frank?  Hmm.  From The Hollywood Reporter.

Children's book author Lila Perl dies at 92.  From SLJ.

Judy Blume and Lena Dunham have a chat.  From BuzzFeed.

Are libraries essential?  Mixed message in latest Pew survey.  From PW.

9 signs you might be living in a YA novel.  From

The real Mary Poppins.  From The Guardian.

Huzzah!  North Carolina communities rallies in support of challenged book.  From SLJ.

SLJ reviews The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.

Los Angeles school libraries losing materials as they lose librarians.  From SLJ.

Are comics too hot for Apple?  From PW.

Latino cildren's literature that should top lists.  From NPR.

Jim Kay will fully illustrate all seven Harry Potter books.  From The Guardian.

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