Friday, December 13, 2013


Earth to Hollywood: people will pay to see a female superhero.  From The Atlantic.

Susan after Narnia.  From Hark, the empty highways calling.

The five books that inspire the most tattoos.  From PW.

Mo Willems on writing for reluctant readers.  From The Washington Post.

Why do young readers prefer print to digital?  From The Guardian.

Roger Hargreaves and his enduring legacy of Mr. Men books.  From The Telegraph.

The wonderful and terrible habit of buying too many books.  From PW.

YALSA names five Morris Award finalists.  From SLJ.

Celebrity "Read" posters of the 80s and 90s!  I remember so  many of these!  From Book Riot.

Q & A with Laurie Halse Anderson. From PW.

Who says children's books can't be great literature?  University of Kent, apparently.  From The Guardian. 

YA authors share the "book they're most thankful for."  From Parade.

SLJ's Top Ten Apps of 2013.

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