Sunday, October 27, 2013


Finalists for 2013 National Book Award for Young People's Literature announced.  From PW.

A brief history of young adult literature.  From CNN.

Make Lemonade is part of the NY city curriculum for 8th graders.  Now some principals are questioning the choice.  From NY Daily News.

How children's books thrived under Stalin.  From The Guardian.

Kids' comics aren't just for kids anymore at New York Comi-Con.  From PW.

So excited to see The Phantom Tollbooth documentary!  From boingboing.

A 13 year-old has coordinated the collection of one million books to be donated to kids in need.  From The Huffington Post.

A new breed of teen-services librarian. From

Ohhh, there's going to be a Harry Potter Forever stamp! From Mugglenet.

Finally, some good news out of the Philadelphia school system.  Two school libraries that were closed will reopen thanks to an anonymous donation.  From infoDocket.

Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere banned at a New Mexico high school after a complaint from one parent.  From SLJ.

Plaquemines Parish School lifts a 12 year ban on To Kill a Mockingbird.  From

Harassment and objectifying women alive and well at New York Comi-Con.  From The Beat.

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