Sunday, October 13, 2013


Get to know the real Daniel Radcliffe, sans Harry Potter.  From The New York Times.

Author Veronica Roth shares her story.  From The Bugle.

The New York Public library bravely makes a list of the 100 most popular books of the last century.  From NY Daily News.

Cartoonists fundraise for Oklahoma libraries.  From PW.

The scariest thing in teen fiction today is the economy.  From NPR.

Publishers think teens don't want to read about sex.  I'm going to guess that they're wrong.  From The Independent.

Author Lizzie Skurnick is starting her own imprint dedicated to publishing beloved and forgotten YA books from the 1930s through 1980s.  OMG, All-of-A-Kind Family!  I loved those so much!  From NPR.

Old book covers.

How the shutdown is effecting libraries.  From Library Journal.

Students still use Wikipedia, but are wary of it.  From SLJ.

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