Monday, June 24, 2013


Philip Pullman is campaigning for writers to be "paid fairly" on ebook library loans.  From The Guardian.

A first edition signed copy of The Cat in the Hat, missing for years, has been returned to the children's hospital in Saanich.  From Vicnews.

YA summer book guide.  From The Atlantic Wire.

I personally like this YA summer reading guide better.  From Mashable.

Q&A with Cecil Castellucci and Sara Varon, author and illustrator of the graphic novel Odd Duck.  From PW.

The Philadelphia school system is a mess, and school librarians are suffering right along with everyone else.  From SLJ.

Why can't teen fiction have pictures?  From The Guardian. 

NSA surveillance, as told through children's books. From The Guardian.

What kids are reading, in school and out.  From NPR.

38 perfect books to read aloud with kids.  From BuzzFeed.

Amy Poehler loves Judy Blume.  As she should.  From EW.

20 songs that would great books for kids.  From

A state-by-state guide to bookstores in America.  From PW.

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