Saturday, June 1, 2013


Teaching students online research skills is valuable?!  This is brand new information!  From Education Week.

Parents still prefer print books over electronic for their kids.  From PewReaserchCenter.

Is YA too sexy?  From The Sydney Morning Herald.

The first completely paperless library?  From BBC New.

50 great books that will change your life.  From RealSimple.

First Welsh publisher dedicated to children's books founded to help tackle literacy standards and tell great stories.  From WalesOnline.

The truth about Snapchat: a digital literacy lesson for us all.  From TheDigitalShift.

Two books remain on library shelves after challenges in the Prosser school district in Yakima, WA.  From SLJ.

6 stupid superheroine designs that need redesign, STAT!  From She Has No Head.

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