Wednesday, May 29, 2013


10 biggest book adaption flops.  From PW.

A Hunger Games makeup collection?  Is going to be, like, stuff to stain your skin green and crazy blue eyeshadow and face tattoos?  From The Hollywood Reporter.

7 reasons why you MUST read aloud to your kids at all ages.  As if you needed more reasons.  From babble.

Kids rally for libraries in New York City.  From SLJ.

Authors annotate first editions of their own books to be auctioned to benefit English Pen.  From The Guardian.

9 picture books with questionable values.  I totally agree with The Rainbow Fish.  That book makes me angry.  From babycenter.

Understanding the study that shows parents read more with girls than boys.  From The Atlantic.

SLJ's kid lit guide to Manhattan.

Strong Female Protagonist the webcomic.  From The Beat.

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