Monday, May 13, 2013


John Green defines every acronym ever.  From Mental_Floss.

6 modern horror movies as 80s' YA novels.  From The FW.

Do classic children's books give to rosy a picture of childhood?  From The Guardian.

Mo Willems shares delightful things with us.  From CNN.

YA authors talk YA.  From The Los Angeles Times.

10 best book endings.  From PW.

The 10 worst mothers in books.  From PW.

Maureen Johnson calls for an end to gendered book covers and challenges people to redesign book covers.  From The Huffington Post.

Does the world need a content rating system for YA books?  Or please Lord no.  From Chron.

An interview with Peter Sis.  From The North Adams Transcript.

How graphic novels became the hottest selection in the library.  From PW.

3 YA sub-genres that should exist.  From Book Riot.

Someone I've never heard of to star opposite someone else I've never heard of in The Fault in Our Stars movie.  Clearly I am out of touch.  From EW.

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