Tuesday, April 23, 2013


What are "diverse" children's books?  From Mamiverse.

A children's book on space travel from 1953.  From Brainpickings.

The origins of Oz.  From NPR.

Gertrude C. Warner of The Boxcar Children is one of the "4 Gertrudes Who Changed the World."  From mental_floss.

10 great kids' books that have never been made into movies.  Kind of a weird list, I think.  From Flavorwire.

Little, Brown fall kid's books preview.  From SLJ.

The Matilda musical seems it is off to a good start.  From The New York Times.

New adult fiction is the publishing industry's new big thing.  From USA Today.

Neil Gaiman leaves guerrilla art on the street in New York and The Guardian finds it.

There is apparently a Harry Potter Quidditch Internet meme.  It's like Vadering, only on broomsticks so you look like you're mid flight.  From NY Daily News.

What's this?  A kid's comic making great sales?  And it's a girls comic?  I'm so surprised.  So surprised.  From PW.

Brooks Brothers has a Gatsby line.  WHERE IS THE FEMALE EQUIVALENT?

Most challenged books of 2012 has been released.  From ALA.org.

The BBC is adapting Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell for a mini-series.  Oh please let it be good!  From The New York Times.


  1. I want to do a video of me on a Harry Potter broom!!! I love how people are doing that!


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