Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Jane Goodall's book Seeds of Hope has borrowed passages with no attribution.  Jane.  How could you?  So depressing.  From The Washington Post.

Holy crap.  The Pigeon's been around for 10 years?  That is crazy. 

SLJ's Battle of the Kids books has a winner!  It's No Crystal Stair by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson. I am devastated that Seraphina was knocked out. Because of a coin flip, no less!

An array of book lists from PW.

Can books solve the bullying problem?  From The Atlantic Wire.

What makes a good YA coming out novel?  From The Horn Book.

PW conducted a Great American Novel poll.  The winner: To Kill a MockingbirdThey also learned some interesting things.

Whhaaaa?  Amazon still featuring porn as "teen books for girls."  From today.com.

Happy 70th birthday, Little Prince.  From The Atlantic Wire.

The ban on Persepolis in the Chicago school system carries on.  From PW.

Five characters that would make terrible real life boyfriends.  From Quirk books.

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