Monday, February 25, 2013


John Green on copyright.  From TheDigitalShift

If you're a fan of Beautiful Creaturesbe prepared for the movie to take liberties with the book.  From SLJ.

Happy birthday, Judy Blume!  From Blogging Censorship.

Sex on the rise in YA books?  From The Telegraph.

Top 10 children's books 2013 in the UK.  From The Guardian.

Did you hear about this one?  Harrods had to pull a sexist children's book off its shelves.  The book - How To Be Gorgeous, geared to girls.  Right next to it was a one geared toward boys called How To Be Clever.  From ToyNews.

Fashion inspired by books. From Fiction to Fashion.

The connection between Maurice Sendak and Shakespeare.  From The New York Times.

Reading Rainbow might not be on TV anymore, but it's still going strong in all its awesomeness!  From TheDigitalShift.

Ten most notorious parts from famous books.  From PW.

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