Monday, December 17, 2012


At last!  You can determine what was no doubt a burning question deep inside for most of your life: Which Wakefield twin are you?  From BuzzFeed

Some seriously awesome outfits inspired by books.  I must have the first dress.  I must.  From Flavorwire.

10 songs inspired by books.  From PW.

Why don't things like this happen to me?  Historian finds unpublished Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale at the bottom of a box.  From BBC News.

Celebrities who have modeled for book covers.  From The Huffington Post.

How publishers develop, exploit and deploy their own intellectual property.  From
Publishing Trends.

Ohhhh!  The Mr. Men and Little Miss series go digital!  From The Bookseller.

Awww, illustrator proposes to girlfriend in his children's book debut.  From PW.

Readers respond to the Times recent article on the lack of Latino characters in YA books.  From The New York Times.

Really cool best of 2012 list from The Atlantic Wire. 

Some popular YA books that might really be fan fic.  From BookRiot.

Good old fashioned e-readers.  From GalleyCat.

Hurray for The Hobbit!  From SLJ.

With the new Common Core standards, English teachers worry they will have to replace fiction books with non fiction.  From The Washington Post.

2013 Morris Award finalists.  From YALSA.

Three essays on Judy Blume.  From Los Angeles Review of Books.

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