Friday, December 14, 2012

Broxo by Zack Giallongo

Princess Zora has left the safety of her own clan, the Granitewings, to look for the Peryton Clan, who no one has seen in years. Upon her arrival, Peryton Peak seems to be abandon.  There's no one there at all...except for Broxo, who can't, or won't, tell Zora what happened to his people.

When we first see Zora, she seems like a pretty tough girl.  She's trekking alone through the mountains, and has just scaled a considerable cliff.  She's got a sword, and from the way she's drawn she looks like a warrior.  She has strong, muscular legs and a look of grim determination.  However, it turns out Zora is not much of a warrior.  If Broxo hadn't shown up to save her, she'd be dead several times over.  Despite having a sword, Zora doesn't actually seem to know much about defending herself, so I wonder what that's about.  Why does she have a sword if she doesn't know how to use it?

So Broxo ends up doing most of the physical fighting.  He has been living alone in the wilderness for a long time, and he knows how to take care of himself and defend himself from the many dangerous there are.  Especially from the walking dead.

Zora is determined to figure out what happened to the Peryton Clan, and she knows Broxo is the key, but Broxo is as stubborn as she is.  They also have to deal with Ulith, an outcast with great power she can hardly control.  Ulith also knows far more than she is willing to say.

Zora begins to come into her own a bit as she comes up with plans for freeing the walking dead.  Broxo also learns more about his past, and takes on a great burden.

I thought this was a great start to a series, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to Broxo and Zora next.  They were headed back to Zora's clan, but I'm sure they'll have adventures along the way.

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