Tuesday, April 5, 2011


What do kids say is the biggest obstacle to technology at school?  Really interesting article.  We think we're doing a great job, kids do not agree.  Also, 20% of K-2 graders have cellphones?  ...why?  From ReadWriteWeb.

The Ring of Solomon by Jonathan Stroud wins School Library Journal's Battle of the Kids Books.

Sex?  Violence?  An author tests the bounds of YA fiction.  I think Mr. Davis sells teen readers short in terms of what they can handle and what's appropriate.  From The Wall Street Journal.

The Railway Children 'plagiarized' from earlier story.  From just what the article says, it seems like a pretty weak case to me.  Both books have absent fathers.  Both books involve children having adventures.  Both books have the children saving a train from crashing.  Both books the children get engraved watches as rewards.   It was written in 1906.  Engraved watches was a pretty standard thank you, wasn't it?  From The Telegraph.

Scholastic relaunches 'Dear America'.  Yay!  I loved Dear America!  From SLJ.

California hands out scores of pink slips to school librarians.  From SLJ.

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