Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Buzz builds for Mortal Instruments finale.  From PW.

Why you'll always love YA.  From Bustle.

Something might actual come of all the outcry over lack of diversity in children's books.  From The Huffington Post.

12 charming tidbits about Beverly Cleary.  From Mental_floss.

Lauren Oliver talks about her new YA novel Panic.  From NPR.

Elmer - celebrating differences for 25 years.  From The Guardian.

So excited about Raina Telgemeier's new graphic novel Sisters!  From The Washington Post.

In sad librarian news, a distract in Pennsylvanian has one librarian covering all 15 elementary schools.  From SLJ.

Dramatic drop in reading among teens?  From SLJ.

What it's like to watch The Fault in Our Stars in a room full of teenagers.  From The Huffington Post.

Dear Media, Let me help you write that article on YA literature.  From Teen Librarian Toolbox.

Why libraries matter.  From The Atlantic.

Beyond slut shaming: in praise of the "bad girls" of YA literature.  From the hairpin.

Where are all the fat girls in literature?  From The Huffington Post.

15 teen feminist books everyone should read. From Flavorwire.

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