Saturday, April 5, 2014


Why are booksellers afraid of children's poetry?  From The Guardian.

Guess what?  Babies can't learn to read.  From The Atlantic.

French booksellers pose naked to support children's book on nudity.  From The Guardian.

An open letter to JK Rowling to not stop writing. From The Huffington Post.

Escapist postcards from YA favorites.  From BookRiot.

This makes me happy: Memorial services for E.L. Konigsburg held at the Metropolitan Museum.  From PW.

Dr. Seuss influenced nearly every American who learned to read.  From The Denver Post.

Children's book villains get sentenced in court.  From Book Patrol.

Ten classic children's books that will never be dated.  From BookRiot.

YA retellings brought to you by Epic Reads.

Harriet the Spy at 50:

Harriet the Spy turns 50.  From The Washington Post.

Contemporary authors reflect on Harriet the Spy.  From BookTribe.

Harriet the Spy: the most unlikeable hero in children's books.  From Salon.

Harriet the Spy turns 50.  From Al Jazeera America.

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