Thursday, February 27, 2014


Massachusetts Parents Fight For School Librarians—And Win.  From SLJ.

Happy 50th birthday, Harriet the Spy.  From PW.

Common Core curriculum now has critics on the left.  From The New York Times.

Philip Pullman is using Twitter to tell stories.  From The Telegraph.

20 Signs you've been reading too much YA.  From BookRiot.

Poetry book removed from Arizona schools.  From SLJ

9 year-old girl reads 364 books in 7 months.  Because she's awesome.  From Express. 

The Borribles, once infamous children's books, reissued for 21st-century readers.  From The Guardian.

Trends in children's and teen library services.  From PW.

Lewis Carroll hated fame.  From The Guardian. 

On loving, and losing, your favorite childhood books.  From BuzzFeed.

2013 Cybils winners.  From SLJ.

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