Thursday, August 1, 2013


This 12 year-old is awesome.  Funding for her library got got, she blogged about it, and publishers started sending her books.  From The Evening Sun.

8 authors who crossed the gender line.  From PW.

Franchise fails: the planned sequels we'll likely never see.  From Salon.

The problem with summer reading.  From The Millions.

The 10 best underdog books.  From PW.

Lily Collins on why Mortal Instruments is "sexier" than other YA adaptations.  From The Hollywood Reporter.

There's going to be a Flowers in the Attic TV movie.  Shudder.  From The Wrap.

Breaking bias: inside Maureen Johnson's "coverflip" challenge.  From SLJ.

Someone vandalized a statue of the Runaway Bunny!  How dare they!  From

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