Sunday, March 10, 2013


All sorts of Obama news!  Apparently in a Google chat he told John Green's unborn child "don't forget to be awesome."  He has also been talking about his plans for education reform and expanding pre-school.  Man, we sure do need some education reform here in the U.S.

The Fault in Our Stars has found its director.  From The Hollywood Reporter.

How the Internet is kickstarting a teen poetry revolution.  From The Guardian.

In the Ender's Game movie adaption, Haille Steinfeld will play Petra.  From EW.

10 classic books your read in high school that you should reread.  From PW.

Promoting literacy and opening libraries in Africa.  From PW.

The Duchess of Cornwall and James Patterson (ever thought you'd see their names together?) are encouraging fathers to read to their children.  From The Telegraph.

"Ghost Stories": The ubiquitous anti-feminism of young adult romances. From TheNewStatesman.

6 steps to surviving in a dystopian novel. From Bookish.

The progressive Dr. Seuss.  From truthout.

Also, Dr. Seuss had awesome form letters.

John Green is tired of adults telling teenagers they're not smart.  From The Guardian. 

Infographic: Book make a difference in kid's lives (duh).  From Book Patrol.

10 classic children's books that might make you squirm a little.  From babble.

A Sweet Valley High ghost-writer tells her story.  From The Kenyon Review.

Teens opting for "easier reads" a UK study finds.  From BBC.

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