Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ryan Gosling loves the library.  And you.

SLJ's Best Books of 2011.

Did you miss it?  Because I sure did.  The Blogger/Publisher kerfuffle.   I completely understand publishers wanting to save money by printing less books and saving on shipping when they might not get a review out of it.  However, bloggers (for the most part) do not work for the publisher.  It's a hobby, and we have real, full-time jobs.  Sometimes we don't get to stuff, and sometimes we choose not to review something, and sometimes it takes us a long time to get around to reading something.  We are not on your payroll.  From the LA Times.

Neil Gaiman talks to Shaun Tan.  I would listen to Neil Gaiman talk about anything.  From The Guardian.

I get to use "kerfuffle" multiple times in a single post!  Leila Roy of Bookshelves of Doom summarizes 2011's biggest YA lit kerfuffles.  From Kirkus.

So, apparently 1 in 3 children in the UK don't own a book.  That makes me sad.  From BBC.

2011 Bad Sex Award.  From CBC News.

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