Thursday, December 16, 2010


Excellent news!  Independent bookstores aren't dying out!  Thanks in part to e-books, go figure. From NPR.

And, speaking of e-readers, now that some are in color, they're making the move to picture books. From The New York Times.

It's a Book continues to cause people to clutch their pearls in distress.  From  And, interestingly enough, the YouTube version omits the controversial last line.

YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction shortlist announced.  From SLJ.

Upcoming books from authors you know.  From SLJ.

The Pretty Little Liars television show is doing well enough that Sara Shepard will be writing four new books.  From


  1. I was looking at the list of "Upcoming books from authors.." and all of these books have been out for several months. Card Turner has been out since May! SLJ I've lost faith with you.

  2. I lost faith in SLJ when they allowed The Eternal Ones to receive a starred review, and then again when they put The Grimm Legacy on their Best Books for 2010 list.


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