Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

Avery Hood can't remember how her parents died. All she can remember is silver moving at inhuman speed, and then they were dead. Now Avery is living in town with her grandmother who she hasn't spoken to in years. Other families who lived in the woods like Avery's family did are being killed as well. And there's this new boy at school, who Avery is inexplicably drawn to. Is he her true love, or is he responsible for the murders?

I don't have very much to say about it. It was another supernatural romance. It wasn't especially poorly written, and there wasn't anything to set it apart. Outsider girl drawn to new beautiful boy at school who turns out to be supernatural being (in this case a werewolf). They're meant to be together, they can't be apart, and they sense each other's feelings. Avery kind of thinks Ben (werewolf boy) might be responsible for the death of her parents but doesn't want to believe it. Girl is in danger many times, boy saves her and so on and so forth. Nothing new or exciting, if your kids are clamoring for another supernatural romance this one will do nicely.

There was one thing I was totally confused about. I am going to give away the ending though, so if you want to read this you should stop reading this post now. I'm going to have to say who the murderer is in order to discuss this, so the ending will be spoiled. Ready? ::SPOILER:: OK, so it turns out that the killer was not supernatural at all. It turned out the sheriff, who was close friends with Avery's father since childhood, really, really wanted the land in the woods so that they could build malls and stuff. What? Some regular guy was chopping up people with an ax to get land? But...Avery kept going on about how all she remembered was the silver and the inhuman speed. INHUMAN SPEED people. But it was just a regular guy with an ax? But that doesn't make any sense. At first, when it started to be revealed it was the sheriff, and he had an ax, I was like, "Oh, OK, so he's one of those Hunters that Ben was talking about and he hates the wolves and the forests and that's what's going on." Except he wasn't. He had no idea the wolves were real at all. He was just crazy guy with an ax chopping up people. So why was he moving INHUMANLY fast? And really? Chopping up people seemed like the best way to get the land? How could you have thought this would work out sheriff? ::END OF SPOILER::

I'm assuming this is going to be a series, so many all these questions will be answered in later books. As for now, it was just kind of weird at the end. It happened very fast, and then it was over and I was confused. But maybe all questions will be answered at a later date.

Low Red Moon will be available in September.

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