Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yule Ball 2011

On December 18, Anna and I and our fellow librarian friend Rachel (who we hope will soon be doing some guest blogging) went to the 7th annual Yule Ball in Cambridge.  Anna and I went last year and it was AMAZING.  As in magical and fabulous and hard to describe.  If you're new, the Yule Ball is a Harry Potter wizard wrock concert.  You are so missing out if you've never listened to wizard wrock.  You are missing out on the awesome.

It was sad, however, because Draco and the Malfoys, who are my very favorites, were playing their last concert ever.  Ever!  I don't know why they are leaving the Harry Potter music scene, although I understand that people need to move on at some point.  But it's too bad for us, as their songs are a delight.  Draco and the Malfoys didn't go on until later though.  Let's start at the beginning.

When Anna, Rachel and I got there, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt was in the middle of their set.  They are not a wizard wrock group, but they were enthusiastic and loud.  And a couple of them were wearing dresses.  They were not wearing dresses after they played, so I don't quite know what that was about.

Matt Maggiacomo of The Whomping Willows was up next, but before he began he played drums for a surprise appearance by Gred and Forge singing "Ginny Gets Around!"  I thought it was kind of adorable that all the wizard wrock musicians are friends and will play up in each other's bands.  We had members of Harry and the Potters and Draco and the Malfoys playing in almost all the other bands that played that night.  My favorite Whomping Willows songs are still "I Believe in Nargles"

and "Draco and Harry."  Matt had us create a Freedom Wind to send to the UK so that Draco and Harry wouldn't be afraid to be together.

The Potter Puppet Pals were coming up next, but first we had a musical interlude with the ever enthusiastic (really, almost frightening enthusiastic) Jason Anderson.  It involved a lot of call and response and telling us how awesome we all were.  He ended by having a large group sing-a-long with "Don't Stop Believing."  Which having looked back at what I wrote about the Yule Ball last year, he ended the same way then, too.  It's a fail safe I guess.  Because that song will never die and you know everyone knows the words.  More wizard rock, I say!  That's what I came for!

We heard from Andrew Slack of the Harry Potter Alliance, an organization that fights real evil in the world.  The Harry Potter Alliance's 2011 project was convincing Warner Bros. to use fair trade chocolate for their Harry Potter products.  Andrew also talked about a new project, Imagine Better, which is bringing together lovers of all kinds of books to take on social justice projects.

But then the Puppet Pals came on!  And it was magic.  Harry told us the whole sad story or his life, never forgetting to remind us how awesome he was, since he's Harry Potter, after all.  From Hagrid telling him he was a wizard: 

To stealing a flying car with Ron and Hermione:

To Dumbledore taking Harry to find the horcrux inside the locket

Which, since it was Puppet Pal Dumbledore, involved him taking off his clothes.

Harry even traveled to another world where he ran in to J. K. Rowling:

The skit involved a live performance of "The Mysterious Ticking Noise," much to the audience's delight.  Snape also got his own musical number that involved him flying in the air on wings.

Draco and the Malfoys!  I love you!  Joe and Paul DeGeorge of Harry and the Potters gave them a very touching tribute, and then gloated over finally defeating Draco Malfoy.  They started off with the every popular "My Dad is Rich and Your Dad is Dead," and went through all their fabulous hits.  Everyone was singing along and it was so much fun.  Draco and the Malfoys I think are also among the better musicians in wizard wrock.  They ended their last concert ever with "99 Hippogriffs Go By."

Sigh.  The Yule Ball won't be nearly as much fun without them.  Farewell Draco and the Malfoys!  Best of luck in all your new endeavors!

Harry and the Potters took the stage to wrap up the evening with their usual hijinks and ridiculous.  We had to cut out before they were done though, as some people had to get up early in the morning to teach the children.  Other people were already on vacation and didn't care.

Another successful Yule Ball!  Go next year.  It's such fun.

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